“Kolchak: The Night Stalker” Trivia

Let me take you back to the days when there was no cable tv, no streaming services and except for the rare local channel or two, your choices were CBS, NBC and ABC.  There were no DVRs, heck there weren’t even VHS machines yet. (And stay off my lawn!)

In those days a new tv movie that you really wanted to see was a big deal. You had to make sure you were home to watch it!  As a kid growing up in those times, Kolchak: The Night Stalker was one of those must-see tv movies.

The Night Stalker premiered in January 1972. I was 13 and fit the perfect demographic for a modern day vampire tale. I wasn’t the only one.  When the ratings came in, it turned out that most of the viewing audience that night was watching!  This led to another Kolchak tv movie and an on-going tv series.

And that brings us to Me-TV’s 11 Reasons ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker‘ is the Coolest, Creepiest Show on 1970s Television.  As always, before you click over, here are three of my favorite trivia items from the article and a thought on each.

There was an unmade third TV movie, ‘The Night Killers.’ (I really liked the first movie and can’t remember much about the second. I’d like to see both again. – Craig)

Horror and sci-fi legend Richard Matheson wrote the two TV movies… but was skeptical of the series.  (I wasn’t a fan of the tv series.  The monster of the week idea just didn’t work for me at the time.  I would have rather seen a series of Kolchak movies or story arcs that would involve a monster(s) for a longer period of time. – Craig)

Darren McGavin did a little bit of everything for the show. (According to the piece, McGavin assisted in every way possible to make the series work, but became frustrated and was excused from his contract early.  Seems like Matheson was right that the “monster of the week” idea just wouldn’t work. – Craig)