“Cuddles – A Last Chance Crime Story” by Jed McPherson, Marco Perugini and Shan Bennion is on Kickstarter Now!

Cuddles – A Last Chance Crime Story by JED MCPHERSON (writer/ letterer), MARCO PERUGINI (artist) and SHAN BENNION (colorist) is running on  Kickstarter through June 6th.  CUDDLES is an oversized crime comic one-shot that will run 44 pages (32 page story plus additional content).  Here’s the synopsis…

Cuddles’ life ain’t too difficult. He’s got a cushy job collecting protection money for a local crime boss, but after he’s partnered up with the boss’ son, things start to go sideways. First, he finds out that his partner has been skimming off the top. Even worse, the FBI are hot on their trail. Cuddles quickly finds that he has to play all sides against each other in order to survive.

The Cuddles’ Kickstarter offers digital and physical options, prints, and add-ons which include other comics.  Below you can click on the images to see a page from Cuddles as well as the Deadbeat crime comic I added on for my order.  If you use the Cuddles’ Kickstarter link, you can check out more pages and get the full picture.  I love crime comics and am happy to support Cuddles – A Last Chance Crime Story by JED MCPHERSON, MARCO PERUGINI and SHAN BENNION.