RIP: Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd, actor, director and producer with a career that spanned over 70 years, died yesterday in his sleep at the age of 106.  

Mr, Lloyd began his career as a spy in Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur.  He acted in Charlie Chaplin’s classic Limelight.  Throughout his career Norman Lloyd alternated between acting in feature films and television, directing and producing.

In addition to Saboteur and Limelight, some of my other favorite Norman Lloyd roles could be found on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, St. Elsewhere, and Wiseguy.  In addition Mr. Lloyd could be found acting in Night Gallery, Audrey Rose, Kojak, Dead Poets Society, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Modern Family just to give you an idea of the range he played.  What a career.  What a life!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Norman Lloyd’s family, friends and fans.