“The Power of the Title Sequence” – Zack Snyder Film School #1

In ‘Snyder School,’ Zack Snyder takes us on a four episode journey into his groundbreaking creative process as a filmmaker. In Episode 1, Zack discusses his approach to creating a title sequence, from storyboard sketches to special effects, in Army of the Dead, as well as 300, Watchmen, and Justice League.

The video is interesting because it takes us behind the scenes to see not only Zack Snyder’s thought process going into the production of his title sequences, but the storyboards he creates and the tools that he uses.  I wish more directors put thought into their title sequences since they can really set the mood for a movie.

When you think back to the great title sequences, what movies come to mind? For me it is The Great Race, A, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, all of the wonderful Saul Bass title sequences, S7ven, as well as Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Army of the Dead.