“Lights, Camera, Action” – Zack Snyder Film School #2

In ‘Snyder School,’ Zack Snyder takes us on a four episode journey into his groundbreaking creative process as a filmmaker. In Episode 1, Zack discusses his approach to creating a title sequence, from storyboard sketches to special effects, in Army of the Dead, as well as 300, Watchmen, and Justice League.

In this episode Zack Snyder talks about the steps he takes to filming his action sequences.  We learn about his storyboard process, blocking out scenes with his stunt team and actors and the tools that he uses.  Snyder is truly an artist who thinks about the process and isn’t afraid to take chances.  I love that he repurposed camera lenses that were over 60 years 0ld into modern housings to film Army of the Dead.