Action Stars Who Should be in the Next “Fast & Furious” Film!

Ben Sherlock at ScreenRant came up with a list of 10 Action Stars Who Haven’t Appeared in the Fast Saga (But Would Be Perfect).  You know how I am with lists.  So here is Sherlock’s top ten compared to my rankings of his choices and my thoughts on each…



10. Jean-Claude Van Damme 10. Sigourney Weaver: Fast & Furious just doesn’t seem like the best fit for her.
09. Jet Li 09. Jackie Chan: I’m a fan, but unless they want to increase the comedy, then Jackie may not be the right one to go to.
08. Sylvester Stallone 08. Liam Neeson: Liam could be a good fit, but he has several films scheduled where he stars so…
07. Liam Neeson

07. Arnold Schwarzenegger: would be a great addition especially if the Rock comes back in the same film.  Who wouldn’t want to see those two square off…

06. Sigourney Weaver 06. Nicolas Cage: Crazy Nick Cage playing a crazy bad guy – sign me up.
05. Keanu Reeves 05. Keanu Reeves: I think with John Wick sequels and BRZRKR lined up, the movie would have to wait. Might be worth it though.
04. Jackie Chan 04. Danny Trejo: Trejo seems like a natural for the F&F universe.
03. Danny Trejo 03. Jean-Claude Van Damme: I can totally see JCVD in a F&F film. He would be a cool villain.
02. Arnold Schwarzenegger 02. Jet Li: Could actually be my top choice. He would provide a lot of opportunity for international appeal and great action scenes.
01. Nicolas Cage 01. Sylvester Stallone: I have to put my main man first. Truthfully, I’d rather see Sly do Hunter or one of his other starring roles though.