The All-Time Greatest War Films

Liam Gaughan at /Film turned his attention to war movies and came up with his list for The 20 Greatest War Films of All Time.  Here are my top 5 (in alphabetical order) selected from Gaughan’s list plus two I thought should have made his list, but didn’t.

Black Hawk Down: Ridley Scott shows us the brutality of war and the heroic young men sent into battle.

Braveheart:  I initially thought this was an odd choice to include on a list of the greatest war movies of all time, but… It did make the list.  Braveheart does deal with war and is a great film.

Full Metal Jacket:  I love how this movie follows raw recruits through basic training and then into war.  The opening scenes with R. Lee Ermy and Vincent D’Onofrio are classic as is their final scene together.

Platoon:  I thought Platoon was just “ok” on my initial viewing.  Maybe I was in a bad mood because each time I give Platoon a rewatch I like it better and better.

Saving Private Ryan: Steven Spielberg created probably the best war movie on the list.  I love this film.

Now two movies that came to mind that I would have included on my list that weren’t on Gaughan’s…

Last of the Mohicans:  Michael Mann’s film is more a love story than war film, but if Braveheart can make the list than Last of the Mohicans should as well.

The Patriot:  Mel Gibson’s most under-rated film.