James Cameron’s Best Films Ranked

Dalin Rowell at /Film posted Every James Cameron Film Ranked From Worst To Best.  Before you click over, here are my rankings for top 7 Cameron films…

  1.  Aliens – I love how Cameron took the Alien franchise in a different direction.  While Alien was a haunted house in outer space, Cameron turned Aliens into a war movie.  
  2. Terminator 2:  Judgment Day – Making the Terminator into the hero AND figuring out a way to make the unstoppable machine an underdog against a more advanced Terminator was such a smart move.
  3. The Terminator – It’s hard to believe at one point there was talk of OJ Simpson playing the Terminator and Arnold playing Reese. It was a clever idea to make Arnold the bad guy (or should I say, “Machine”).  
  4. True Lies – This is one of Arnold’s most under-rated films and perhaps it is one of Cameron’s as well.
  5. The Abyss – is perhaps James Cameron’s most under-rated film. 
  6. Titanic – Before it was released a lot of folks thought Titanic would end James Cameron’s career.  Once released Titanic just kept owning the box office week after week. 
  7. Avatar – Some of the same folks who thought Titanic would sink at the box office predicted Avatar would do the same… and it went on to surpass Titanic!  Never count James Cameron out.