James Bond: Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About 007!

Mathew Jackson at Mental Floss came up with 45 Fascinating Facts About James Bond.  Here are three that I didn’t know and my thoughts for each…

MANY ACTORS WERE ALMOST JAMES BOND.  (Jackson lists: Cary Grant, Richard Burton, Michael Gambon, Burt Reynolds, James Brolin, Sam Neill, and Ewan McGregor as actors who almost played 007.  Cary Grant would have worked as a Roger Moore type Bond.  I can’t see Richard Burton Sam Neill or Ewan McGregor as 007.  I’m not familiar with Michael Gambon.  Burt Reynolds would have been an interesting choice.  How would they have played Reynolds’ Bond?  Ladies man, yes.  More comedy?  I’d hope not.  James Brolin would have made a great looking Bond, but I’ve never heard him do an English accent. ; ) – Craig)

GEORGE LAZENBY SNUCK HIS WAY INTO PLAYING JAMES BOND.  (Lazenby was known as more of a model than actor at the time.  I love how he went after the part.  Lazenby got the 007 clothes and accessories and then snuck into the producers’ office.  The only thing to make the story better was if instead of saying, “I heard you’re looking for James Bond,”  he had said, “I heard you were looking for me.” – Craig)

IAN FLEMING DIDN’T WANT SEAN CONNERY AS BOND.  (Connery was perfect the role and I wonder if they had went with someone else, if the franchise would have taken off.  – Craig)