15 Favorite Underrated Film Noirs

Nick Bartlett came up with his list of Our 15 Favorite Underrated Film Noirs.  I’m a huge film noir fan and Bartlett’s list is a good one.  Before you click over, using just his list, here are my top three and thoughts on each.

1.  The Set-Up.  While I wouldn’t classify this film as underrated, since it is on Bartlett’s list and is my favorite of the bunch. I place it in the top spot.  If you haven’t seen The Set-Up, you should.  It is a classic.

2.  The Breaking Point.  I didn’t see this film until the last year or so and wonder why I waited so long.  Definitely underrated and definitely worth a watch!

3.  Elevator to the Gallows is another film I just came to see in the last few years.  What a cool concept.  After killing his lover’s husband the killer becomes trapped in an elevator.  His lover begins to have doubts when he doesn’t show up for their getaway… add in a cool Miles Davis score and you’ve got an underrated noir!