Universal Monsters Trivia!

Mark Mancini at Mental Floss came up with 11 Facts About The Universal Monster Movies.  If you’re a fan of the Universal Monsters you probably know all eleven.  (Is there anyone who isn’t a Universal Monsters fan? Ah, but I digress.)  Before you click over, here are my top three and thoughts on each…

LON CHANEY JR. BECAME THE ONLY ACTOR IN THE FRANCHISE TO PLAY DRACULA, WOLF MAN, FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER, AND A MUMMY.  (Lon Chaney, Jr. is often considered one of the lessor actors to star in Universal Monster movies, yet he is the only actor to play the big four!  – Craig)

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN ARGUABLY INVENTED THE IDEA OF A “CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.”  (What a genius idea! I can remember the excitement I had as a kid when one of the monster team-up movies was set to appear on Sammy Terry’s Nightmare Theater! – Craig)

BELA LUGOSI WAS BURIED IN HIS DRACULA CAPE.  (Dracula was the role that made Lugosi a star.  It’s interesting that Bela Lugosi only played Dracula twice (Dracula and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein)!