“Interceptor” (2022) / Z-View

Interceptor (2022)

Director:  Matthew Reilly

Screenplay:   Matthew Reilly, Stuart Beattie

Starring:  Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Mayen Mehta and Chris Hemsworth.

Tagline:  The World’s last defense.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers

Captain J.J. Collins (Pataky) has just been reassigned to one of two remote US interceptor launch locations.  These interceptor sites protect the US from nuclear strikes by taking out the nukes before they get close enough to do damage.  Collins’ reassignment feels like a demotion for bringing charges against a respected General.

As Collins is getting acclimated, word comes in that the other US interceptor site has been taken down by terrorists.  As Collins and crew process this information, terrorists attempt to breach their control center.  The commanding officer and all of the soldiers outside of the control center are killed.  The terrorists plan to take out this last interceptor site and then launch sixteen stolen nukes at cities across the US.  They are led by the brilliant and egotistical, Alexander Kessel (Bracey) who is sending a video feed to the world.  The only thing standing between the fall of the United States is Captain J.J.  Collins and two soldiers.  They’re outnumbered, outgunned, but not out of the fight!

I absolutely loved Interceptor.  If you’re a fan of 80s action movies, then this should be your jam.

Matthew Reilly, is an internationally best-selling author who writes non-stop action novels.  He co-wrote and directed Interceptor.  I had no idea Reilly was branching out.  Interceptor was his first time directing, but you’d never know it.  I hope to see him helming future films.

Stuart Beattie, who co-wrote Interceptor, is probably best known as the screenwriter for Collateral starring Tom Cruise and 30 Days of NightInterceptor fits nicely in his resume.

Elsa Pataky is believable as the smart, tough as nails, Captain J.J. Collins.  I could see her starring in a sequel.  Pataky’s husband, Chris Hemsworth, has a small, uncredited role.  He’s there for some comic relief and I enjoyed his part.

Luke Bracey excels as the arrogant Alexander Kessel.  He makes an excellent villain.  He’s cocky, overconfident and sure of his charm.  It was cool seeing him trying to hold it together as his plan was failing.

Aaron Glenane plays a soldier you just want to smack.  He’s got a stupid look to match his intellect.  Hats off to Glenane for making the most of his character.

Interceptor isn’t going to win any Academy Awards.  It’s not a film that will change your life, but if you’re looking for an hour and a half of fun action, then give Interceptor a try.  I loved it and Interceptor earns 5 of 5 stars.