“Frankenstein 1970” (1958) / Z-View

Frankenstein 1970 (1958)

Director:  Howard W. Koch

Screenplay by:  Richard H. Landau, George Worthing Yates, based on a story by Aubrey Schenck, Charles A. Moses, based on characters from Frankenstein (1818 novel) by Mary Shelley

Starring:  Boris Karloff, Jana Lund and Don ‘Red’ Barry.

Tagline:WARNING! “Frankenstein 1970” is the most blood-freezing horror ever created! This picture may be too dangerous for people with weak hearts! Beware!

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

Set in the future, in 1970, the last Frankenstein, Baron Victor von Frankenstein (Karloff) is now an old, disfigured scientist.  He needed money to purchase an at-home atomic reactor to complete his secret experiments, so Frankenstein rented out his castle to a crew producing a monster movie.  Little do they know that Frankenstein has a secret underground lab where he is nearly finished with his creation, a huge monster made from body parts of the dead.  When members of the movie crew begin disappearing, the police are called in.  Will they be able to solve the mystery?  Will they stand a chance against the Frankenstein 1970 monster?

Frankenstein 1970 was shot in eight days and it’s low budget shows.  The creature looks more like a mummified beekeeper than a Frankenstein monster,  but Karloff gives it his all.  Frankenstein 1970 rates 2 of 5 stars.