Lovely to Look At  (1952) / Z-View

Lovely to Look At  (1952)

Director:  Mervyn LeRoy

Screenplay by:  George Wells, Harry Ruby, Andrew Solt (additional dialogue) based on Roberta by Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach

Starring:  Kathryn Grayson, Red Skelton, Howard Keel, Marge Champion, Gower Champion, Ann Miller and Zsa Zsa Gabor

Tagline: One of the Grandest Romantic Musicals in Years!

The Overview:  Beware of spoilers…

Three buddies, Al Marsh (Skelton), Tony Naylor (Keel) and Jerry Ralby (Champion) are having no luck raising money to back their musical.  Their luck seems to have changed when Al gets a letter from France informing him that his Aunt died and left him 50% ownership in dress salon.  The boys go to France to sell Marsh’s percentage and use it for their musical.  That’s the plan until they meet Stephanie (Grayson) and Clarisse (Champion) the ladies who own the other 50%.

Lovely to Look At didn’t resonate with me.  The production numbers were okay, but not great.  Even Skelton’s bits felt flat.  For these reasons Lovely to Look At rates 2 of 5 stars.