Five Under-Appreciated Crime Films of the 70s by Joey Portelli of The Flix Zone

Joey Portelli at The Flix Zone came up with a list of five Under-Appreciated Crime Films of the 1970s.  Portelli’s choices are good ones.  I love crime films and haven’t seen any of his picks.  Before you click over (and if you love crime films, you should), here are my quick thoughts on each.

Darker Than Amber (1970, Robert Clouse): How have I never heard of this one?  Rod Taylor plays John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee. The very-good and under-rated William Smith plays a sadistic bodybuilder antagonist.  Robert “Enter the Dragon” Clause directs.  Wait until you read the plot.

The Last Run (1971, Richard Fleischer): George C. Scott plays an aging getaway driver for the syndicate on his last job.  Richard “Compulsion” Fleischer directs.  This one may have been ahead of its time.

Fear is the Key (1972, Michael Tuchner): Portelli describes this one as “a pure 1970s adrenaline rush” with “a terrific plot twist that completely shifts the films gears half way through”.  I’ve heard enough to know I’m in.  When you click over you’ll learn the cast and more.

The Nickel Ride (1974, Robert Mulligan): Jason Miller, hot off of his starring role in The Exorcist teamed with Robert “To Kill a Mockingbird” Mulligan for this crime drama.  Bo Hopkins and John Hillerman co-star.

Newman’s Law (1974, Richard T. Heffron): This one takes a different spin.  George Peppard plays an honest cop set up to take a fall. Richard T. Heffron (who directed the very under-rated I, the Jury starring Armand Assante) helms this one.

Thanks to Joey Portelli.  I’m going to put these five on my list of movies to be seen.