Florida SuperCon Helps HeroesCon

I’ve been going to Heroes Cons for years. Heroes is without a doubt one of the best run, most loved and finest conventions you could ever find. It’s put on by good people, always has great guests, and has something for everyone.  Heroes Con 2010 will be the 28th year of the show and surprisingly, the event was in danger of not happening.   Shelton Drum, who runs the show, discovered that the only date that he could book the Charlotte Convention Center was the same weekend as Florida SuperConShelton didn’t want to infringe on the SuperCon and so his options were to go to a smaller venue on a different date or cancel the show for 2010.  Neither was a good option.

So Shelton contacted Mike Broder [who runs the Florida SuperCon] and told him of the conflict.  Surprisingly, Mike said that he thought he would be able to change the date of his show and after a little research, did just that.  How often do you hear of “competitors” helping each other out?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Mike Broder also puts on a great show and has always come across as a straight shooter who truly loves comics, art and conventionsI was able to attend his show last year and had a blast.  I planned to attend again next year.   After reading about his willingness to help Heroes Con, not only do I plan to attend, but will encourage everyone to join me!