What’s More Suprising?

Today’s post is about a few things; one of which you may find surprising.  But first, some introductions, the handsome fellow on the left is professional wrestler [and best selling author] Mick Foley aka Mankind, Cactus Jack, etc.  The lady on the left is Linda McMahon, wife of billionaire and WWE owner, Vince McMahon.  There will be another post, later this week, about Mick Foley.  Today’s post concerns Linda McMahon.

Last year Linda McMahon stepped down as CEO of the WWE.  It wasn’t part of a storyline or a gimmick to do with the professional wrestling company. Ms. McMahon decided to run for the US Senate.  Really.  Here’s her website.  I kid you not.  Kinda surprising, right.

Today TVGuide.com posted a piece on Ms. McMahon’s campaign ad that calls professional wrestling,,,

“a soap opera that entertains millions each week”.

TVGuide says that in the ad Linda McMahon

…lets it slip that the wrestling “isn’t real.”

The article goes on to say…

That sound you hear is grown men all over the country weeping.

Will someone please send Gina DiNunno, the author of the article, word that pro wrestling fans have known for years that professional wrestling is scripted.  Make that decades.  If this was the 1950’s, 60’s or even the 70’s, perhaps some fans would think that pro rasslin’ was real, but c’mon, let’s get, uh, real.  Professional wrestling is scripted.  Anyone who doesn’t know that probably doesn’t have the intelligence to read the TVGuide article.

So what’s more surprising:

  1. Linda McMahon is running for the US Sentate
  2. Linda McMahon called professional wrestling a “scripted soap opera”
  3. TVGuide and Gina DiNunno think that Linda McMahon’s statement is a “Shocker”

My vote is for #3.