UFC 159 Results

UFC 159 was held last night. 

Here are my predictions and the results:

  • Jim Miller vs. Pat Healy
    Prediction: Miller with a decision win.
    Result: Healy defeated Jim Miller with a rear-naked choke submission in the 3rd making me 0 -1 for the night.
  • Phil Davis vs. Vinny Magalhaes
    Prediction: Davis with a decision win.
    Result: Davis won by Unanimous Decision making me 1 – 1 for the night.
  • Roy Nelson vs. Cheick Kongo
    Prediction: Nelson wins via KO.
    Result: Nelson won with a first round KO making me 2 – 1 for the night.
  • Michael Bisping vs. Alan Belcher
    Prediction: Bisping wins via decision.
    Result: Bisping defeated Alan Belcher by Technical Decision after an accidental eye poke in the 3rd. This made me 3 – 1 for the night.
  • Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen
    Prediction: Jones wins via stoppage.
    Result: Jones won by TKO in the first taking me to 4 -1 for the night.

Final Thoughts:

– As expected, Jones was the dominate fighter.  Although Jones won, during the post fight interview Jones looked down and realized his big toe had been badly broken.  If the fight had made it to the second round, there is no doubt that it would have been stopped due to the injury’s severity.

To his credit Sonnen had this to say: “If they would have called the match [in Sonnen’s favor because of Jones’ broken toe], I wouldn’t have had any illusions. I knew in those first five minutes who the better fighter was.”

– Jones will need some time to heal before his next fight, but who can challenge him?  Anderson Silva?  I don’t think so.  I think Jones will have to move to heavyweight if he really wants to test himself.

– Sonnen hinted at retirement.  I don’t see that happening.  He enjoys the challenge of a good fight too much.

– Roy Nelson is back in the title hunt with his third straight KO.  Who doesn’t love Big Country… well, except for Dana White?