Dana White & The Fighters: A New Boxing Series!

Growing up I was a fight fan.  That meant I was a boxing fan.

MMA as we know it today was decades away.  It was a time of tough guys.  Marciano – Liston – Ali – Frazier – Norton – Foreman.  Boxing appeared regularly on television for free.  ESPN had a weekly boxing show.  NBC – CBS and ABC regularly aired live boxing cards.

Later boxing became an event sport with all eyes on pay-per-view Super Fights.   Ali vs Frazier.  Hagler vs Hearns.  Duran vs Leonard.  The top tier of boxers became celebrities and were given mega paydays.  Of course the vast majority of boxers made little and often retired battered and poor.  There were fewer and fewer big name fighters and the popularity of boxing began to wane.

Then 20 years ago the UFC was born.  Although the company struggled at first the popularity of MMA, specifically the UFC took off.  The UFC was on tv with a weekly series and regular pay-per-views.  Name fighters began to emerge.  Fighters that fans loved or hated but would tune in or equally importantly pay to see fight.  Many thought the rise of the UFC would be the death of boxing.

Boxing fans had heard that before.  So had the folks in the video below.  Check it out and we’ll continue after you watch.


The Fighters  looks interesting.  Will it bring back boxing?  Who knows?  It could be the start though.  And the kicker is Dana “UFC President” White is one of the creative forces behind the show.

I know I’ll tune.  I’m a fight fan.


Source: MMA Fighting.