Boris Karloff – Trivia That You Might Enjoy!

Mark Mancini at Mental Floss came up with 13 Facts About Boris Karloff and they’re worth a look.  Before you click over, here are my three favorite…

BORIS KARLOFF WAS IN THE ORIGINAL SCARFACE.  (When we think of Karloff, we think of horror movies, but he played in all types of movies.  It is strange seeing him show up in Scarface though. – Craig)

VAL LEWTON’S HORROR MOVIES WERE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR FOR BORIS KARLOFF.  (Karloff loved acting and felt that the roles that Lewton provided allowed his to showcase his talents.  I like that Karloff gave credit to Lewton for the opportunities. – Craig)

BORIS KARLOFF POKED FUN AT HIS OWN CAREER IN THE HIT PLAY ARSENIC & OLD LACE. (I love this bit of trivia. Karloff played the role on Broadway, but due to his lack of experience had to be convinced. I’ll let Mark Mancini take it from there —

“You have just murdered a man,” (Producer) Crouse said (to Karloff), setting the scene. “[And] when questioned about it, you say ‘I killed him because he said I looked like Boris Karloff.’” Karloff loved the idea of ribbing himself on stage and took the part.

I love that Boris Karloff had a sense of humor. Can you imagine the audience’s reaction when he said that line? It’s too bad that Boris Karloff was unable to play the role when Arsenic and Old Lace was turned into a feature film (no discredit to Raymond Massey intended).