“24” – Surprising Facts That You May Not Know!

When we talk tv shows on the message board, 24 continues to be one of the most popular.  And for good reason.  The series ran for nine seasons, with 204 episodes and earned the 2004 Golden Globe for Best Drama Series and the award for Outstanding Drama Series at the 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Scott Beggs at Mental Floss must be a fan as well.  He recently posted 25 Surprising Facts About 24.  Before you click over, here are three of my favorites with my thoughts on each… 

24‘S PRODUCERS ALMOST SCRAPPED THE REAL-TIME FORMAT AFTER SEASON 1. (I’m glad that Keifer Sutherland lobbied to keep the real-time format.  It not only made sure that tension was ever-present but it made the show unique. – Craig)

THERE’S A NOD TO STAND BY ME IN 24. Milo Pressman is a character in Stand By Me who owns a junkyard (and a mean junkyard dog). Milo Pressman is also a character in 24. (I did not know this.  I love little Easter Eggs in movies and shows. – Craig) 

THERE WAS ALMOST A 24/DIE HARD CROSSOVER.  (It is interesting that this is listed as a fact.  I posted about this earlier this year in John McClane & Jack Bauer – “Die Hard 24/7” (Proposed Film or Fan’s Dream Team-Up? – Craig)