“Seinfeld” That Trivia You May Not Know!

If you like Seinfeld and you like trivia, do I have a post for you!  Jennifer M. Wood at Mental Floss posted 41 Facts About Seinfeld.  Before you click over, here are three of my favorites and my thoughts on each…

JASON ALEXANDER DIDN’T THINK SEINFELD HAD A CHANCE. (Isn’t that exactly what George would have thought as well? – Craig)

THE REAL SOUP NAZI SAYS SEINFELD RUINED HIS LIFE. (I never met the real Soup Nazi, but I did see the guy who played him signing at a comic convention.  Interestingly enough, he didn’t appear to like having his photo taken (perhaps because he was selling autographed ones).  What happened next is kind of funny. – Craig)

THE CONTEST” WAS INSPIRED BY A REAL-LIFE CONTEST LARRY DAVID HAD WITH A FRIEND.  (So, the funniest episode of the series was based on a real-life contest.  I feel pretty confident my buddy, who I won’t name to protect the guilty, would lose, uh, hands-down, to ANYONE in that type of contest, – Craig)