The Best 21st Century Zombie Movies!

Daniel Kurland over at listed his choices for the 10 Best Zombie Movies Of The 21s Century (So Far).  I decided to play along so here are Kurland’s and my choices (using just his list) and some thoughts at the end.



10. Overlord

*** Anna And The Apocalypse (Haven’t seen)

9. #Alive

*** One Cut Of The Dead  (Haven’t seen)

8. Dawn Of The Dead

8. Rec 

7. Dead Snow

7. Dead Snow

6. Anna And The Apocalypse

6. Alive

5. Shaun Of The Dead

5. Shaun of the Dead

4. One Cut Of The Dead

4. Overlord

3. Train To Busan

3. Dawn of the Dead

2. [REC]

2. Train to Busan

1. 28 Days Later

1. 28 Days Later

If I was creating my own list I would include World War Z and Army of the Dead.