“Get Shorty” Trivia!


Rob Hunter at Film School Rejects posted 29 Things We Learned from Barry Sonnenfeld’s ‘Get Shorty’ Commentary.  Before you click over here are three of my favorites and my thoughts on each…

They did about thirty takes of the scene where Chili (Travolta) punches Bones (Dennis Farina).  (It always surprises me when I read about shots that require so many takes.  30 seems like a lot to film a scene of a guy getting punched.  It’s not like the actor’s are forgetting dialogue. – Craig)

Sonnenfeld is also a producer on the film because he brought the film to Danny DeVito‘s attention after reading the novel on a cruise. He envisioned DeVito as “the perfect Chili Palmer,” but they went with Travolta who ended up being the perfect Chili Palmer. DeVito bought the rights, and they were off to the races. (DeVito as Chili Palmer?  Even DeVito didn’t see that.  Travolta was the right choice. – Craig)

Preview audiences were asked what their least favorite scenes were, and their number one pick was Ray hitting Fay (Hart) because you should never show a man hitting a woman. “My feeling was, first of all, it’s okay for them not to like this scene. You’re not supposed to hit a woman… (Exactly.  The audience shouldn’t like that scene, but it should stay in the movie.  What kind of bad guys do we end up with if they never do anything the audience doesn’t like? – Craig)