Val Kilmer – His Best Films!

Matthew Monagle at /Film came up with his list of The 14 Best Val Kilmer Movies Ranked.  Monagle’s list is a good one, but only one of my top three Kilmer films made his three best.  So, before you click over, here are my three favorites with my thoughts on each.  I also list a couple of other Kilmer films that didn’t make Monagle’s list but would have made mine…

Tombstone:  If this was the only film Kilmer ever played in, it would be enough to secure his legacy as a great actor.  It’s a shame that Kilmer wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Doc Holiday. 

Heat:  While Doc Holiday is arguably Kilmer’s best role, Heat may be the best film on his resume. 

The Salton Sea:  I’m a big fan of The Salton Sea.  I wish more people were aware of it.  Under-rated to say the least.


Films that didn’t make Monagle’s list that would have made mine…

  • Willow
  • Thunderheart
  • True Romance