The Scariest Scenes from the “Alien” Movies!

Chad Collins at /Film came up with his list of The 10 Scariest Scenes From The Alien Franchise.  Collins’ list is a good one and got me thinking.  Here are my top three scariest scenes, comments on each and a couple of scenes that would have made my top ten, but didn’t make Collins’ list.

The chestburster scene — Alien I was surprised that this scene didn’t rate higher on Collins’ list.  If, like me, you were saw the original release of Alien you can remember the shock that went through the actors on the screen (they hadn’t been prepped for what was about to happen) and the screams from the audience viewing the film. It was truly scary to see the alien bursting from William Hurt’s chest.  Scenes like that (especially with CGI) have become common place, but Alien was the first and remains the scariest.

Monsters in the vent — Alien.  This scene is a slow build to a jump scare and works perfectly.  Dallas, alone in the vents is searching for the creature.  His radio contacts are telling him it is close and getting closer.  He can’t see or hear it.  His only light is the small flame coming off the tip of his flamethrower.  They keep telling him it is closer and closer and RUN!  Too late.

A stowaway — Alien.   Ripley is alone on the escape pod… until we see the alien slowly come out from its hiding spot.  Ripley is unarmed and barely dressed.  She has no weapons… talk about a scary scene!


I’m glad that the underwater chase scene from Alien Resurrection made Collins’ list.  It almost made mine.  I’m a fan of Alien Resurrection.

A couple of scenes that would have made my list but didn’t make Collins’…

Aliens inside the perimeter – Aliens.  The Colonial Marines have set up a perimeter with automatic weapons and have huddled together in a room hoping the aliens can’t get in.  Hudson is monitoring the aliens coming. He calls out their location and they are closing in.  Hicks’ tells Hudson reading can’t be right, that would put them inside the perimeter.  They all slowly look up… could the aliens be in the crawlspace above them…

Colonial Marines Escape – Aliens.  The Colonial Marines have had their first encounter with the aliens and are now in retreat.  As they get their wounded on the transport driven by Ripley, the aliens are still attacking.  Finally they are all on board and as marines pull the doors closed…an alien’s hands grip the door pulling it open…