ROCKETS and RAYGUNS by Dan Boultwood!

Rockets and Rayguns by Dan Boultwood is a blast (pun intended).  It’s a throwback to old movie serials and comic books where brave men and women save the galaxy from evil.  Boultwood’s web comic is more entertaining in just three than many 28 page comics.

I love the art style Boultwood chose for Rockets and Rayguns.  It reminds me of Bill Pressing’s Rex Steele, Nazi Smasher (and that’s a very good thing). Boultwood isn’t just an excellent artist, he also shows writing chops by moving the story along with just the right amount of dialogue and a heaping helping of humor.

I hope that Dan Boultwood is able to keep Rockets and Rayguns going for a long time. I’d also be down for trade compilations once enough strips are created. Rockets and Rayguns can be found at: and here: and even here: