“Blacula” (1972) / Z-View

Blacula (1972)

Director: William Crain

Screenplay:  Joan Torres, Raymond Koenig, Richard Glouner

Stars: William Marshall, Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicholas, Thalmus Rasulala, Elisha Cook Jr. and The Hues Corporation.

Tagline: Blacula! – Dracula’s Soul Brother!

The Plot…

In 1780, Dracula turned Prince Mamuwalde (Marshall) into a vampire and mockingly gave him the name Blackula.  Dracula then sealed Prince Mamuwalde in a coffin where he remained a prisoner for nearly 200 years.  When the coffin is opened in 1972, Blackula is released to terrorize modern day LA.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)…

I had avoided watching Blackula for decades because I thought it was going to be all-out comedy.  I was wrong.  Blackula, despite the funny title, is a straight up horror film.  Before William Marshall accepted the title role, he demanded that the character be treated with dignity.  Changes were made to the character’s background and the movie is played straight.  Blackula is the first black vampire to appear on film!

It was cool to see Elisha Cook, Jr. in a small role as well as the singing group, The Hues Corporation, best known for the hit Rock the Boat.

Blackula (1972) rates 3 of 5 stars.